elly + edu

My goodness! It’s been a year that I’ve been waiting to share this gorgeous wedding with you all…and now that the Oct/Nov 2017 issue of BRIDES magazine is on stands, I can finally share all the pretty! If you pick up the magazine you’ll see a selection of images featured there…and a lot more below. Also a lot more on the front page of Style Me Pretty!oc wedding photographer_087 oc wedding photographer_088 oc wedding photographer_089 oc wedding photographer_090 oc wedding photographer_091 oc wedding photographer_092 oc wedding photographer_093 oc wedding photographer_094 oc wedding photographer_095 oc wedding photographer_096 oc wedding photographer_097 oc wedding photographer_098 oc wedding photographer_099 oc wedding photographer_100 oc wedding photographer_101 oc wedding photographer_102 oc wedding photographer_103 oc wedding photographer_104 oc wedding photographer_105 oc wedding photographer_106 oc wedding photographer_107 oc wedding photographer_108 oc wedding photographer_109 oc wedding photographer_110 oc wedding photographer_111 oc wedding photographer_112 oc wedding photographer_113 oc wedding photographer_114 oc wedding photographer_115 oc wedding photographer_116 oc wedding photographer_117

jacqueline + brad

Jackie and Brad are some of the most stylish people out there, and their wedding reflected that perfectly. Their ceremony was at the gorgeous Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and their reception took over Fig and Olive restaurant in Melrose Place, LA. Their marvelous wedding was also featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty recently.los angeles wedding photographer_065 hawaii wedding photographer_066 hawaii wedding photographer_067 hawaii wedding photographer_068 hawaii wedding photographer_069 hawaii wedding photographer_070 hawaii wedding photographer_071 hawaii wedding photographer_072 hawaii wedding photographer_073 hawaii wedding photographer_074 hawaii wedding photographer_075 hawaii wedding photographer_076 hawaii wedding photographer_077 hawaii wedding photographer_078 hawaii wedding photographer_079 hawaii wedding photographer_080 hawaii wedding photographer_081 hawaii wedding photographer_082 hawaii wedding photographer_083 hawaii wedding photographer_084 hawaii wedding photographer_085 hawaii wedding photographer_086