cass + dean

December 3, 2015


Cass and Dean tied the knot at the beautiful Quail Haven Farm in San Diego, and their stunning wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

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I now live amidst the sun-kissed horizons of Southern California. But my story isn't just about where I've been; it's about the magical journey of storytelling through my lens.

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With over a decade of experience under my belt, I've had the privilege of capturing the most exquisite weddings and events across the globe. My work, a blend of editorial finesse and heartfelt storytelling, has found a home in the pages of the world's most prestigious publications. From the elegant nuances of VOGUE to the romantic spreads of Martha Stewart Weddings, my camera has told stories of love in every corner of the planet.

But what truly sets me apart is not just my love for the nostalgic beauty of Fuji film stock or my ability to speak the romantic languages of love (Romanian, Italian, and French to be precise). It's my unique perspective – a fusion of my background in publishing and journalism, my love for travel, style, and the joy of family with my daughter Zoya and our furry friend Max. My eye sees your wedding day not just as an event but as a living, breathing story, each moment a frame in an epic film of romance and palpable joy.



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